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How California Law Defines Mayhem and Aggravated Mayhem

Certain physical attacks or assaults are more damaging than others. If an attack leaves a person maimed, disfigured or disabled, California law mandates these crimes — which are referred to as mayhem or aggravated mayhem — be treated with greater severity.

California Penal Code Sections 203 PC and 205 PC deal with such cases. If a defendant is involved in a situation where a victim has suffered serious disfigurement or disabilities, a mayhem charge may be imminent.

What Constitutes Mayhem?

To prove a charge of mayhem, a prosecutor must prove a defendant caused seriously bodily harm when the following malicious acts occurred:

  • Permanent disfigurement of a victim
  • Amputation or removal of a body part
  • Serious injury to the nose, lips, or tongues
  • Permanent eye damage
  • Disabilities that are more than temporary

To convict a defendant of aggravated mayhem, a prosecutor must prove the defendant acted with both intent and malice, in addition to proving the injuries meet the elevated standard for a mayhem conviction.

To provide a real world example, if two men get into a fight outside a bar, and the first man accidentally blinded the second man with a punch, he could theoretically be convicted of mayhem. If the first man stuck his finger in the second man’s eye in an overt attempt to blind him, he could be convicted of aggravated mayhem.

Those charged with mayhem often mount defenses based on the right to self defense, or they may argue that the injuries were not done with malice or intention. Mayhem and aggravated mayhem are serious felony charges that can result in long prison sentences, so it is important to speak with an experienced attorney if you are charged with these offenses.

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