Los Angeles Pre-Filing Representation Lawyer

When a client consults with us while under investigation or immediately following an arrest, early intervention and a proactive strategy can be the difference between formal charges being filed on one hand, and a complete vindication on the other.  This intervention may involve an aggressive investigation, an early dialogue with law enforcement and/or prosecuting attorneys and a face-to-face meeting to present our theory of the case before a filing decision is made by the State.  Often, our investigation may uncover critical favorable evidence or facts that lead us to conclude criminal charges would be misplaced or unprovable. Since the mere filing of criminal charges can be enough to devastate a career or profession, all possible scenarios must be considered early on. Even a dismissal following formal charges or an acquittal following trial may not be sufficient to restore a reputation in the community.  We understand how to navigate the criminal justice system and are ready to represent you from the inception of an investigation.