Our Approach

We take on tough cases throughout California and the United States obtaining the best possible results for our clients. Our philosophy has remained constant — we provide innovative, effective and compassionate representation during a highly stressful and difficult time. Each client has unique goals and circumstances which drives us to think beyond the immediate implications of a single case or legal issue. Our lawyers have handled over 3,500 felonies and misdemeanors, 60 murders to verdict and 6 death penalty cases. Our reputation and experience speaks for itself.

What We Do Los Angeles Criminal Defense Lawyer Practice Areas

When second place is not an option. We are strategic thinkers in a result driven profession. Since 1975, we have focused on one thing only, representing individuals and companies when their reputations are riding on the result. Our successes are a testament to our hard work and determination.

Although we relish the courtroom battles, what matters in the end is securing the best outcome for our client. Whether it be an acquittal or a creative plea agreement, the finish line is paramount. Tough cases require tough lawyers. With more than 300 jury trials and 60 murder cases handled to verdict, we are prepared for anything.

I really cannot recommend him more highly. He can absolutely be trusted in both his character and competence. His tenacity in unraveling the prosecutions effort was tireless and determined. He saved my professional life under serious threat of prosecution, and understood well that in my case it was not just about my “getting off”. Sharon
I implore you to consider Michael as your north star as you navigate your journey. He is shrewd, responsible, personable, gifted and full of heart. Erich E.
I was told Michael was the best — and he was. I was falsely accused by a woman with a history of legal claims and hidden from public view mental health problems. Michael and his team listened intently, formed a strategy and took action. They made me feel I was in good hands the whole way and the legal matter was resolved with the DA’s office in my favor. James
After picking a jury and during trial, Michael negotiated a resolution that included no jail, 200 hours of community service and the opportunity to earn a reduction to a misdemeanor in 3 years with the payment of restitution. My last attorneys told me it would take a miracle sent down from above to keep me out of prison. Michael was that miracle and I will always be grateful for his loyalty. Eduard
Michael's preparation and determination saved my life and quite possibly, my career in social work. As a recent graduate of Columbia University School of Social Work, I had a tremendous amount at stake.  Michael's understanding of addiction and mental health issues enabled him to reach a creative and unexpected resolution of my case. Jason Y.
Michael A. Goldstein will give you an unprecedented level of attention, care, and legal savvy. Facing criminal charges is terrifying and Michael is the rare attorney that understands the personal toll the process can take. He’ll win your case, or even better, get it dismissed, all the while making you feel like part of the family. Michael is the man you want in your corner for both legal and moral support. Michael L.
Michael did an amazing job getting a situation resolved for me. His established relationships with those on the other side were strong enough to resolve my situation. John W.
Michael Goldstein is an excellent attorney. He is a smart, professional and dedicated. He always had our best interest in line and not just after a quick dollar. Highly recommend! Forest Z.
Best lawyers in the valley and the USA for that matter . Mike has always been completely honest with my cases , the outcome etc ,if your ever in need of criminal defense this is the law group to call 100% Sean A.