Police Arrest Sherman Oaks Arson Suspect

The Los Angeles Police Department said an unidentified man is in custody after police had reason to believe he may be responsible for setting a series of suspicious fires on Ventura Boulevard in Sherman Oaks.

They detained the suspect after officers noticed he matched the description of a man witnesses had seen close to the scene of several fires that had been started along eight blocks of Ventura Blvd during a period of one hour. Since police did not yet have enough evidence to charge him with arson, he was arrested for an outstanding warrant for a parole violation.

The Los Angeles Fire Department said most of the fires were set in dumpsters that were close to some local businesses. However, one of the fires was able to spread to a nearby building and an apartment complex.

All the fires were put out in under 30 minutes. The estimated damages have been reported to be around $20,000. Arson investigators are currently investigating the incident and the police will wait until the investigation is completed until they decide whether to charge the suspect with any crimes in connection with the fires.

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