Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office Targeting Marijuana Dispensaries

The Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office announced they are not just targeting marijuana dispensaries, but also property owners for their enforcement of Proposition D, which is a measure approved by voters that would limit the number of legal marijuana shops.

They said if they locate property owners who are in violation of Proposition D, they would be facing misdemeanor criminal charges and could receive a penalty of a $1,000 fine or six months in the county jail.

They said the enforcement is needed so that property owners will know if they do not comply with with the limits on marijuana dispensaries they will be facing criminal action against them. They want to send a message that the city attorney’s office means business and will pursue legal action to evict unlawful marijuana dispensaries.

They are currently prosecuting around 40 marijuana dispensaries and expect the number to increase.

Since the ban on the legal number of pot shops was passed in May 2013, around 40 marijuana dispensaries have voluntarily closed. The LA city attorney’s office has sent out over 800 letters to marijuana dispensaries they believe are actively operating. The office has yet to receive any legal challenges to Proposition D, although many dispensaries initially threatened action after the measure was passed.

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