LA City Attorney Shifts Toward Restorative Justice Model for Protest Cases

Following weeks of powerful anti-police brutality protests across the southern California region, officials from city, county and state governments are promising to introduce new reforms.

Mike Feuer, LA City Attorney, has joined their chorus by announcing that he will pursue a “restorative justice” model in cases involving protestors. All violations that do not involve “looting, violence or vandalism” will be disposed of in a “non-punitive” fashion.

In a press release from his office, Feuer said:

“Peaceful protest is profoundly important, and these protests have rekindled a long-overdue effort to change hearts, minds and institutions. We can’t let this moment pass as we have too many times before. As we move forward, our restorative approach to these cases will bring protesters, law enforcement and other voices from our community together to foster the mutual empathy, understanding and respect that are essential to building a better version of our City.

“We want to go beyond the all-too-common dynamic of people talking at each other. We want to create an environment where participants really listen to each other. Ideally we’ll develop a model on which jurisdictions across the nation can build at this crucial moment.”

Feuer added that he hoped to foster an “exchange of ideas and perspectives–as well as a discussion of tangible steps that can be taken by individuals, communities, law enforcement and our office–to address issues relevant to these protests. We want to provide the opportunity for all to express candid views, listen and learn–fundamental tenets of the First Amendment.”

LAPD Chief Michel Moore released a statement backing the new restorative justice model, and promising to work to make it a success.

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