Black Lives Matters Protestors Continue to Take the Streets for George Lloyd

Anti-police brutality protests sparked by the killing of George Floyd have continued to take place all across the Los Angeles area. LAPD organizers staged a “community solidarity” vigil on Friday night to seek common ground with protestors. They were met with peaceful yet insistent calls to eliminate state violence and defund police departments accused of violating the civil rights of African Americans.

LA Police Chief Pledges Solidarity — but Not All Protestors Are Convinced

During the event, LAPD Chief Michel Moore told the crowd that “the lack of compassion and humanity of just simply recognizing another individual tore at the very heart of what policing stands for — tore at the very essence of our duty to protect, to serve, to treat each individual as just that.”

Moore also told protestors that the killing of George Floyd served as a “reawakening” to examine questions of racism, inequality and state violence.”

Many protestors, however, criticized the actions of LAPD officers during the demonstrations. Black Lives Matter Los Angeles filed suit Friday in federal court alleging that the LAPD’s mass detention of more than 2,600 peaceful protestors was illegal.

The suit claims those detained were kept handcuffed on buses with no water, food or access to bathroom facilities, a violation of their constitutional rights to peaceably assemble and protest. The same suit also alleges that LAPD officers shot a homeless, wheelchair-bound man in the face with a rubber bullet during the protests.

Mayor Garcetti has announced he plans to slash $150 million from the LAPD’s budget — a decision Chief Moore said he agreed with.

In addition to the solidarity meeting, thousands of protestors marched on city halls and other government buildings across the region. Demonstrations included beach protests in Venice, street protests in downtown Los Angeles and Long Beach, protests on the campus of USC and a “pier protest” in Santa Monica. All told, more than 30 protests took place across the Southland region June 5th through June 7th.

Finding the Right Police Brutality or Personal Injury Attorney

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