Not Guilty in Felony Animal Cruelty Case

March 2012

Following 8 days of trial, a Malibu jury returned a not guilty verdict in an hour and acquitted Michael A. Goldstein’s client of killing his girlfriend’s 7 pound dog and disposing of it in a dumpster. The jury completely rejected the testimony of the dog’s owner, her claims of prior abuse and the DA’s theory that the defendant was jealous of the dog and killed it to gain the affection of the woman. On cross-examination, the veterinary doctor called by the DA contradicted the testimony of the pet owner and conceded that he was unable to conclude that the death was an intentional act. Several jurors were surprised that the case was even pursued at the taxpayers expense. Prior to trial, the DA offered a plea to a felony with no jail time which was rejected by the court and the defendant. Read full article in the LA Times

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