Drug Charges Dismissed on the Day of Trial

Michael A. Goldstein obtained a dismissal for a client charged with Possession for Sale of Cocaine. According to the arrest report, several males were observed standing in front of a residence in an area of high volume narcotic activity. Specifically, Michael’s client was observed conducting several hand to hand drug transactions wherein he would go over to vehicle where a “stash” was kept and thereafter facilitate the transaction. At the time of arrest, Michael’s client had $82.00 but no drugs in his possession. However, cocaine was recovered from the stash spot in the vehicle. During the preliminary hearing, the officer concluded that the money was consistent with sales. However, under cross examination, this same officer conceded that it was just as reasonable to conclude that the money was not consistent with drug proceeds much to the frustration of the DA. Our investigator obtained a statement from one of the alleged “purchasers” who was named in the arrest report. According to this witness, she said the two arresting officers were bickering over whether to write that she dropped or swallowed the dope since they could not located anything in her possession. The DA finally saw the light and dismissed the case on the day of trial.

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