No Jail in Shooting case resulting in Great Bodily Injury

November 2017

Michael’s client was initially arrested for attempted murder following a shooting at a party. It was alleged that our client, who had been drinking for hours with the victim and others, was playing around with a gun and fired a few rounds into the ground. The victim, who was urinating nearby, confronted our client who was intoxicated and holding a gun. According to witnesses, the victim punched our client in the face resulting in the shooting. Although bail was initially set at over $1 million dollars, Michael was successful in getting it reduced to $75,000. A plea agreement was reached following the preliminary hearing. The client pled no contest to negligent discharge of a firearm and was sentenced 60 days of community labor and ordered to pay restitution. More importantly, this result will allow the client to seek a misdemeanor following completion of probation.

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