Charges Reduced to Misdemeanor Following Kidnapping Arrest

Michael A. Goldstein was retained to represent a college student arrested on allegations of stalking, attempted kidnapping, vandalism and conspiracy to commit a crime. Immediately following the arrest and before charges were filed, Michael had discussions with the DA about the nature of the case and the DA elected to file a single charge of Conspiracy to Commit a Crime, a “wobbler”. The District Attorney declined to file the more serious charges of attempted kidnapping. At the time of arraignment, Michael convinced the court to reduce bail from $1 million to $100,000, over the objection of the Detective who appeared in court to express his concern for public safety. Ultimately, Michael negotiated a plea deal that included 2 days in custody and community service. The felony was thereafter reduced to misdemeanor after a period of time on probation. An expungement is pending.

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