Attempted Murder Charges Dismissed in Multiple Defendant Robbery Prosecution

April 2022

This case involved two defendants who were alleged to be admitted gang members.  Our client was charged with two counts of Attempted Willful, Deliberate and Premeditated Murder (Penal Code § 664/187) and two counts of second degree Robbery (Penal Code § 664/211) following two separate robberies where one of the victims was shot in the neck.  In addition, our client had a strike prior relating to a 2016 conviction for Robbery as well as a 2018 felony conviction for Assault with a Deadly Weapon.   Following 8 months of litigation, the case was resolved on the day of the scheduled preliminary hearing.  The District Attorney agreed to strike the prior robbery conviction and dismiss both attempted murder counts in exchange for a plea to just one attempted robbery count.  The agreed upon sentence was 2 years.  Given the nature of the plea, our client will be eligible for 50% credits and serve just one year or less.

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