1st Degree Residential Burglary Charges Dismissed & No Jail

March 2017

Michael A. Goldstein’s client was charged with attempted 1st Degree Residential Burglary after getting arrested outside of a home occupied by the victims. Charged with 1st Degree Residential Burglary, a serious and violent strike offense and facing 16 years in state prison given past prison terms and a strike prior, the client retained Michael A. Goldstein to get his best shot at staying out of prison. Given his past history of drug addiction and drug related convictions, Michael suggested that the client check himself into rehab and focus on his sobriety while he works on getting the charges dismissed or reduced. After conducting a thorough investigation which showed the client had been staying at the residence next door and was under the influence of drugs, Michael convinced the DA to dismiss the felony and offer the client a misdemeanor trespass. The client was sentenced to 36 months of informal probation and must attend 1 narcotics anonymous meeting per week for 24 months. The client never did a day in jail after retaining Michael.

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