Charges to be Dismissed in Marijuana DUI Case

March 2017

Michael A. Goldstein’s client was pulled over by officers from the Glendale Police Department working a DUI enforcement detail and our client admitted to smoking marijuana earlier. The officers claimed they observed our client to have a green tongue as well as red, watery and glassy eyes. Finally, they concluded that his balance was poor, he failed the FST’s and was operating a motor vehicle while impaired. Our client was arrested, provided a blood sample and charged with a DUI. After initially consulting with a a defense attorney (and former DA) that promised the world and claimed to know everyone, Michael A. Goldstein was retained. The DA offered a “wet reckless” which was unacceptable based on the facts. Michael immediately retained an expert witness in order to rebut the allegations and secure a dismissal or not guilty verdict. After several months of court appearances and discovery motions, we turned over the expert witness report. After initially offering a “wet reckless”, the District Attorney’s office ultimately agreed to dismiss the charges. Hard work pays off.

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