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The Sylmar Juvenile Courthouse is located at 16350 Filbert Street, Sylmar, California, 91342, In Los Angeles County.

At Goldstein Law Group, our Sylmar Juvenile criminal lawyers have extensive experience and possess a superior level of knowledge in California Juvenile Law. The majority of law firms concentrate their practice on adult cases and rarely practice law in the juvenile courts. Therefore, they often lack the experience and knowledge to effectively represent their clients in juvenile court. The rules and procedures in Sylmar Juvenile Court differ from the adult courts. For example, juveniles have no right to a jury trial and no right to bail.

If your child has been arrested in San Fernando Valley, they can either be issued a citation and released, or they can be detained at the Sylmar Juvenile Detention Facility. If not taken in custody, the citation will provide a court date called an “arraignment.” At this hearing, the juvenile’s criminal defense attorney will usually enter a denial of the petition and set a pretrial court date. If in custody, the Juvenile District Attorney must file a petition within 48 hours or the juvenile is entitled to a release while their case is pending. Once a petition is filed, the juvenile’s first court date is called a “detention hearing.” At this hearing, the juvenile referee or judge will hear input from the juvenile probation department, the juvenile deputy district attorney and Sylmar juvenile defense attorney before making a ruling. There are many factors considered by the judge to either continue to detain the juvenile or release them pending a future court date. These include:

  • Whether or not the juvenile is a flight risk
  • Whether detainment is necessary for protection of the juvenile
  • Whether detainment is necessary for protection of another person or property
  • Whether the juvenile violated a prior order from the court

A pretrial date is scheduled in order for the attorneys to negotiate a possible resolution to the case and to discuss discovery issues. If the juvenile remains detained, this date must be scheduled the following week after arraignment unless time is waived. If the juvenile was released, the pretrial date will usually be scheduled several weeks later. In many cases, Sylmar juvenile judges will participate in private conference in judges chambers to reach a resolution to the case. If a juvenile judge sets a case for “adjudication”, they are setting the case for trial. By law, juveniles are given the right to a trail by jury. The juvenile court trails are conducted by a judge or commissioner who acts as both judge and jury

Sylmar Juvenile Criminal Lawyers for All Types of Offenses

Our Sylmar criminal attorneys, the father and son team of Michael A. Goldstein and James A. Goldstein, have over four decades of defending juvenile clients. We make regular appearances at the Sylmar Juvenile Courthouse and have successfully defended hundreds of juveniles charged with misdemeanor and felony charges including drug possession, drug possession for sale, marijuana, violent crimes, murder, attempted murder, car jacking, grand theft auto, armed robbery, hate crimes, assault and battery, sex crimes, rape, molestation, theft crimes and DUI. In many cases, our Los Angeles juvenile crime lawyers intervene before charges are filed, or obtained a diversion process. This helps juveniles avoid a criminal conviction which can adversely effect their future employment opportunities. In a recent juvenile case, Attorney Michael A. Goldstein obtained a dismissal of charges in a vehicular manslaughter case. He represented a juvenile who was involved in a traffic collision which resulted in one pedestrian death and serious injuries to another. His client was a honors student with no prior criminal record. Michael negotiated the dismissal of all charges and his client is now attending college at a major University.

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If your child has been arrested you need to consult a juvenile criminal defense attorney immediately. Our attorneys are experienced and dedicated juvenile attorneys who have successfully handled hundreds of juvenile cases. In many cases, instead of having your child detained, we may be able to obtain alternative sentencing and a chance of rehabilitation instead of punishment. Juvenile convictions can effect your child for life. Don’t take chances with your child’s future. Call us to discuss your case. All consultations are free and confidential. If your child has been arrested and is currently in custody at Sylmar Juvenile Detention Facility, we are immediately available to consult on your matter. Give us an opportunity to explain the juvenile legal process and formulate a defense strategy. Our case results speak for themselves. Experience matters, so contact our juvenile criminal defense attorneys at Goldstein Law Group for a FREE consultation for all California Juvenile Court matters.

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