Not Guilty Verdict for Attempted Murder

January 2011

James A. Goldstein won a not guilty verdict by jury for his client who was charged with 6 counts of premeditated attempted murder with gang allegations plus great bodily injury and a weapons charge. This case involved a total of three defendants. The other two defendants were convicted in a separate trial while represented by other criminal defense attorneys. During the jury trial, Mr. Goldstein was faced with a prosecution witness who testified that his client was responsible for the shooting. However, during cross-examination, James was able to throughly discredit the witness. First, he pointed out to the jury that the testimony contradicted other witness testimony. Second, he closely analyzed the physical evidence and proved to the jury there was only a total of two individuals involved in the shooting. Finally, James A. Goldstein was able to prove that the hostile witness had a close personal connection to one of the defendants, thus proving the witness was attempting to protect his friend at the expense of his client. By the conclusion of the cross-examination, Mr. Goldstein was able to convince the jury that the prosecutions main witness was lying and not credible. His client was an admitted gang member and was facing 60 years to life in prison. Today, his client is now a free man.

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