Charges Dismissed in Methamphetamine Sales Case

July 2015

Michael’s client was charged with the sale of methamphetamine after undercover LAPD officers observed what they believed to be a narcotic transaction in a Target parking lot. The offices contacted the client, ordered him out of the vehicle and according to their arrest report, “immediately cuffed him and placed him in custody. They tried to justify the arrest based on officer safety. A search of his pockets revealed 9 separate bags of methamphetamine and cash. According to the officers, the client consented to the search and admitted he was “just selling drugs to pay his taxes.” Our client denied consenting to the search, denied ever being read his Miranda rights and believed the officers were abusive and intimidating. Michael Goldstein filed a suppression motion based on the lack of probable cause for the contact, detention and search of our client. At the time of the hearing, the officer tried to back off his original statement that they immediately arrested our client. However, Michael impeached him with his statements and the court granted the motion and dismissed all charges. Our client had a prior conviction for the sale of narcotics and was facing deportation if convicted.

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