Attempted Murder & Robbery Charges Dismissed

May 2014

My client was arrested and charged with multiple counts of Attempted Murder, Assault and Robbery and faced life in prison. The client was accused of placing an ad for iPhone 5 cell phones on Craig’s List and thereafter orchestrating the robbery and shooting of the alleged victims once they showed up at a pre-determined location. One of the alleged victims were shot and ended up at Holy Cross Hospital where LAPD were immediately summoned. The client’s family retained Michael A. Goldstein after the he was contacted by LAPD regarding a shooting. The client was adamant that there was no Craig’s List ad and that he had contacted the alleged victims via Instagram in response to an ad offering employment. He thereafter assisted the alleged victims in the purchase of several iPhones at various stores using his own ID, Social Security number and credit. He was paid $300 and dropped off at home. A couple of weeks later, he was contacted again but did not want to work again. The alleged victims showed up at his house and once again asked the client to help them. However, one of the victims told the client that they had been involved in a altercation with some people just prior to arriving at his house and appeared agitated. As the client walked away from their vehicle, they sped away. The client was contacted by LAPD and he told them he knew nothing about a Craig’s List ad or shooting. A few weeks later, the client was arrested and charged with Attempted Murder and Robbery. Michael advised LAPD that the Craig’s List ad was false and provided details as to the cell phone purchases and prior contact between the client and alleged victims which contradicted the version told by the alleged victims. LAPD did nothing and refused to follow up and obtain the video surveillance footage that would confirm their victims were lying. Michael sent his investigator to track down the surveillance footage which ultimately cleared his client of any wrongdoing. Rather than further investigate the alleged victims or arrest arrest them for lying to police officers or engaging in cell phone fraud or identity theft, LAPD Detective John Guerrero told the LA Times: “They are all guilty of something.” Go figure.

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