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The Beverly Hills Court serves West Hollywood and what is known as the “west side” of Los Angeles County. The Beverly Hills Police Department is well known for their “zero-tolerance” policy and strict enforcement of drunk driving laws. The Goldstein Law Group has two generations of experience in defending clients charged with DUI in Beverly Hills. In a recent DUI case, attorney Michael A. Goldstein represented his client who works for a local professional sports team. His client was charged with a felony DUI following an auto v. motorcycle traffic accident. The Los Angeles County District Attorneys Office filed a GBI (great bodily injury) allegation which mandates a 3 year consecutive prison sentence. According to the arrest report, the victim was dragged approximately 60 feet before paramedics removed him from under the client’s vehicle. He was then rushed to the hospital with a collapsed lung and required several skin grafts. With a blood alcohol level of .23, Michael was left with little to work with. His client declined the initial offer of 5 years in state prison. During Michael’s cross-examination of the victim at the preliminary hearing, the victim admitted that his personal injury attorney, who was also present in court, had advised him what to testify to regarding his injuries. Following this hearing, the District Attorney agreed to dismiss the GBI allegation and Michael negotiated a probationary plea deal, including one weekend in private jail in addition to a period of community service. Consequently, his client retained her job and will earn a misdemeanor during the term of probation.

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We understand that you have a choice of criminal defense attorneys who you select to defend you in when charged with a crime in Beverly Hills. Many people are unfairly convicted of crimes because the California judicial system puts you at a severe disadvantage. Clients will face experienced, well funded, prosecutors who assume your guilt. The Goldstein Law Group has a highly experienced team of attorneys, legal experts and investigators who are accustomed to handling the most difficult cases. Our criminal defense attorneys always puts the needs of our clients first. We represent clients at all stages of the criminal justice process, from pre-charging investigation and bail and bond proceedings, all the way to plea negotiations and jury trials. We also represent clients in criminal appeals and expungements. Our law firm also offers aggressive legal defense against all types of misdemeanor and felony charges, including DUI, sex crimes, drug crimes, theft crimes, and marijuana crimes.

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When you have been charged with a crime, you need to consult an attorney immediately to ensure your rights are protected. Most clients are unfamiliar with the criminal process and make statements to police without understanding the potential consequences of their action. Do not discuss your case or answer questions until you have consulted experienced legal representation. Contact a skilled criminal defense lawyer who will provide you with personal attention with your criminal case and has a thorough knowledge and understanding of the court process in the Beverly Hills Courthouse. Our legal team has a proven winning record of winning criminal cases. We have been defending people for more over for decades and have taken on even the toughest cases.

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