Not Guilty Verdict in Domestic Violence Case

November 2015

A woman retained The Law Offices of Michael A. Goldstein to represent her in a domestic violence case. She was accused of beating her husband. Two witnesses claim to have seen her do it, the prosecution presented photographic evidence of the alleged victim’s wounds, and she confessed to the police during questioning. The case was especially hairy because of an ongoing child custody battle between the client and her ex-husband. Not satisfied with the prosecution’s plea offer, we pushed the case to trial. At trial, despite numerous objections by the prosecutor and consistent sustaining of the objections by the judge, we were able to convince the jury that our client was innocent. After closing arguments, during which we argued a self-defense theory, the jury deliberated for approximately one hour before returning an unanimous verdict of NOT GUILTY. Because of our vigorous representation of our client, and our handling of the trial, we were able to get our client’s case totally dismissed as a result of the Not Guilty verdict. As a result, she is not subject to any punishment, and she is not prejudiced in her child custody case.

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