Gun & Drug Charges Dismissed Against Singer/Songwriter/Producer

June 2019

Our clients were arrested following what LAPD referred to as a “traffic stop.”  Michael was on scene immediately following the arrests and met a news reporter that witnessed the detention and arrests.  According to the news reporter, he was listening to a scanner radio and responded to the scene as a result of comments he heard about an undercover operation in progress at the location.   Upon arrival, this same reporter witnessed several LAPD vehicles pull out of a hotel parking lot as our client and his entourage pulled up to a record release event.   The news reporter watched an LAPD vehicle drive into the side of our client’s Rolls Royce.   LAPD arrest reports falsely suggested that our client accelerated his vehicle using “convoy tactics” striking the LAPD vehicle to somehow interrupt their enforcement efforts and cause them bodily harm.   This would become their basis of probable cause to justify the detention, search and arrest of several individuals.   According to the same reports, multiple firearms and narcotics were recovered from the three vehicles involved.  The defense team immediately took steps to secure witness statements, preserve video surveillance and contact the DA’s office to express the concerns we had with the version provided by law enforcement.   Given these issues, the DA’s office spent 9 months reviewing the facts, evidence and viewing body worn video.   Ultimately, the DA’s office concluded there was insufficient evidence to proceed and declined to file criminal charges against any of the parties involved.

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