Felony Assault Weapon Charges Against Music Producer/DJ Dismissed by DA

May 2018

Michael’s client, a well known producer and touring DJ was arrested by LAPD crime suppression officers following a questionable traffic stop of their Mercedes Maybach based on tinted windows.  They had been following 3 other vehicles en route to a studio session. The client and his passengers, all young African-American males, were immediately ordered out of the vehicle onto their knees, handcuffed and facing a wall.  Without obtaining consent, the officers searched the vehicle finding an AK47 inside a Supreme backpack.  The two felony charges carried a mandatory state prison sentence. Convinced our client was telling the truth and that this was nothing more than a race-based profile stop and illegal search, we immediately demanded body worn video from every officer on scene.  After recovering all footage, it was clear the officers fabricated their statements in the reports, Michael filed a Suppression Motion and went to a supervising DA with this information as well as a declaration by the true owner of the firearm who was employed by our clients boss, a successful rapper.  Convinced a conviction was highly unlikely, the District Attorney’s office agreed to dismiss all charges.

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