Attempted 1st Degree Residential Burglary & Related Gang Enhancements Dismissed

August 2017

Michael’s client was arrested when plain clothes narcotics officers observed the client and 3 co-defendants engaged in what they believed to be a residential burglary in the Venice area. One of the co-defendants was observed climbing onto a 2nd story balcony and trying to open a sliding glass door while wearing white gloves. Officers then observed the suspect speaking to one of the other suspects while leaning over the balcony. As the suspect noticed the officers, he climbed down and was observed standing next to the other suspects, including our client. All suspects entered a vehicle and were immediately stopped and detained by LAPD. All were charged with multiple felonies and all offers leading up to trial included a “strike” and substantial custody time. While two of the co-defendants agreed to plead to the burglary, our client maintained his innocence and the matter was set for trial. In the meantime, our office prepared an extensive mitigation package that highlighted our client’s academic/athletic achievements, military service and a lack of any criminal history. The District Attorney agreed to dismiss all charges against our client avoiding any record.

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