Felony Human Trafficking Charges Dismissed

September 2015

Mr. Goldstein was retained after an arrest warrant was issued for our client’s arrest. Michael reached out to the DA to negotiate the terms of surrender and bail and provided the DA with substantial documentation concerning the funds to be used for bail. However, the DA still demanded a 1275 hearing which would require the defense to make a showing that any funds to be used for bail are legitimate. Thereafter, FBI agents and investigators from the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office located and arrested our client. Although the DA wanted to proceed on the bail issue at arraignment, Michael reached out to the DA’s supervisors who agreed to back off of their demand. The Goldstein Law Group mounted an aggressive defense serving the prosecution with multiple discovery motions and locating Instagram posts confirming their victim continued to work as a prostitute. At the time of the preliminary hearing, the DA requested a continuance citing the unavailability of their victim or a law enforcement witness who was engaged in a federal trial in Nevada. Michael argued that the DA did not have good cause, the Judge agreed and the PH moved forward without the prosecution’s alleged victim. A few days before trial, the prosecutor announced that they had located their victim who had been arrested on a new felony in Nevada. On the day of trial, the DA dismissed the charges citing the victim’s 5th amendment rights. If convicted, our client faced 5, 8 or 12 years in state prison as well as a lifetime requirement to register as a sex offender.

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